Tengah Garden Avenue Condo Project Information

Tengah Garden Avenue Condo Project Details
Project NameTengah Garden Avenue Condo
Address of DevelopmentTengah Garden Avenue
Project DeveloperDeveloper
Tenure99 Years Leasehold Development
Site Area274,480 square feet
Gross Floor Area823,440 square feet
No of BlocksTo Be Advised
No of StoreysTo Be Advised
No of UnitsApproximately 860 Units

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    Tengah Garden Avenue Condo Location

    Tengah Garden Avenue Facade
    Tengah Garden Avenue Condo Location

    Tengah Garden Avenue Condo Updates

    : Latest Condo by Developer Launching Soon.

    : City Fringe Development right next to Hong Kah MRT Station.

    13-Feb-2023: Please kindly register here for the latest VVIP dates and discounts.

    11-Feb-2023: Check out the latest site plan and floor plan here.

    Tengah Garden Avenue Residences Hong Kah MRT Station

    Tengah Garden Avenue Condo Hong Kah MRT Station

    Tengah Garden Avenue Condo is a contemporary residential development situated in the heart of Tengah Estate, a burgeoning new town in Singapore. This new condo is an embodiment of modern living, harmoniously blending with the eco-friendly initiatives of Tengah, often referred to as Singapore’s first “Forest Town.”Tengah Garden Avenue Condo is strategically located in Tengah Estate, offering residents easy access to various parts of Singapore. The development is well-connected through major expressways and public transportation networks, ensuring convenience for commuters. The proximity to upcoming Tengah Plantation MRT station further enhances its accessibility.

    The architecture of Tengah Garden Avenue Condo is a fusion of contemporary design with eco-friendly features. The condo is designed to maximize natural lighting and ventilation, contributing to energy efficiency. The buildings are strategically positioned to create a harmonious balance between urban living and nature.In line with Tengah Estate’s vision of being an eco-town, the condo incorporates various green features. These include energy-efficient appliances, water-saving fixtures, and smart home technologies that promote sustainable living. The development also features green roofs and vertical gardens, enhancing the biodiversity of the area.

    Tengah Garden Avenue Residences offers a wide range of amenities catering to the needs of its residents. These include swimming pools, gyms, playgrounds, BBQ pits, and function rooms. The development also features jogging paths and cycling tracks, aligning with the town’s vision of promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.The living spaces in Tengah Garden Avenue Condo are designed with a focus on comfort and luxury. The units range from one-bedroom to multi-bedroom apartments, catering to different family sizes and preferences. Each unit is equipped with high-quality fittings and finishes, reflecting a sense of sophistication.

    Tengah Garden Avenue Condo Greenery Features

    Living in Tengah Garden Avenue Condo offers a unique lifestyle, surrounded by lush greenery and a sense of community. The development is designed to encourage interaction among residents, with communal spaces and shared facilities. Tengah Garden Avenue Residences fosters a strong community spirit within the condo.Tengah Estate, the location of the condo, is set to have various facilities including shopping centers, schools, parks, and healthcare facilities. This ensures that residents have easy access to all essential amenities, enhancing the convenience of living in Tengah Garden Avenue Condo.

    Tengah Garden Avenue Residences location in the rapidly developing Tengah Estate makes it an attractive option for investors. The area’s growth potential, coupled with the government’s plans for the region, indicates a promising future for property values in the area.Tengah Garden Avenue Condo is more than just a residential development; it’s a testament to modern living in harmony with nature. Its blend of luxury, sustainability, and community living makes it a desirable place for families and individuals seeking a balanced lifestyle. As Tengah Estate continues to develop, the condo is poised to become a cornerstone of this exciting new town.

    This comprehensive overview gives a detailed picture of what Tengah Garden Avenue Condo offers, reflecting Tengah Garden Avenue Residences significance in the evolving landscape of Singapore’s housing developments.

    Tengah Garden Avenue Condo Walkway

    Tengah Garden Avenue Condo Well Connected to Other Parts of Singapore

    Tengah Garden Avenue Condo, a modern residential development in the heart of Tengah Estate, is not just known for its sustainable living and contemporary design but also for its exceptional connectivity. This connectivity is a key feature, linking residents to various parts of Singapore efficiently.

    Situated within Tengah Estate, Tengah Garden Avenue Condo is ideally positioned for easy access to major transportation networks. Its strategic location is a boon for residents, offering a blend of secluded residential living and convenient travel options. One of the primary advantages of Tengah Garden Avenue Condo is its proximity to significant roads and expressways. Key roadways such as Bukit Batok Road and Choa Chu Kang Road serve as major arterial roads, facilitating smooth travel to and from the condo.

    Moreover, Tengah Garden Avenue Residences development is well-connected to major expressways. The Pan-Island Expressway (PIE) and the Kranji Expressway (KJE) are easily accessible, providing direct routes to various parts of Singapore. The PIE, for instance, links the east and west of Singapore, while the KJE offers a quick route to the northern regions and towards Malaysia.

    Tengah Garden Avenue Condo Jurong Region Line

    The Jurong Region Line (JRL) significantly boosts the connectivity of Tengah Garden Avenue Condo. This new addition to Singapore’s MRT network brings enhanced accessibility to the Western part of Singapore. Key stations on this line near the condo include:

    1. Tengah Plantation Station: This station is the closest to the condo, providing direct and quick access to the rest of the Jurong Region Line.
    2. Tengah Park Station and Tengah Station: These stations, while slightly further, still offer convenient access for residents, opening up more options for travel.
    3. Hong Kah and Corporation Stations: These stations, part of the JRL, further enhance the connectivity, linking residents to key commercial and industrial areas.

    The excellent transport links from Tengah Garden Avenue Condo make traveling to business hubs like Jurong East, home to the International Business Park and numerous shopping malls, straightforward and swift. The JRL also connects residents to the upcoming Jurong Innovation District, a future hub for advanced manufacturing. The ongoing and future developments in transport infrastructure around Tengah Estate will further enhance the connectivity of Tengah Garden Avenue Condo. The expansion of the JRL and improvements to road networks are set to reduce travel times and increase convenience for Tengah Garden Avenue Residences residents.

    Tengah Garden Avenue Condo’s connectivity is not just about practicality; it also opens up a world of recreational and leisure activities. The easy access to major roads and MRT lines means that entertainment hubs, parks, and tourist attractions are just a short journey away. Tengah Garden Avenue Condo stands out not only for its sustainable living and modern amenities but also for its exceptional connectivity. Tengah Garden Avenue Residences development’s proximity to major roads, expressways, and the Jurong Region Line MRT stations makes it a highly desirable location for those who value ease of travel and access to the broader Singapore area. As Tengah Estate continues to grow and develop, the connectivity of this condo is poised to become even more advantageous, making it an ideal choice for residents seeking convenience and connectivity in their daily lives.

    Tengah Garden Avenue Condo Sky View Tengah Estate

    Tengah Garden Avenue Condo Located Near to Shopping Centres

    Tengah Garden Avenue Condo, nestled in the innovative Tengah Estate, not only offers a modern living experience but also boasts close proximity to a range of shopping centers and diverse food options. This proximity greatly enhances the living experience for its residents, providing ease and variety in their daily lives.

    Nearby Shopping Centres

    Tengah Garden Avenue Condo is strategically located near several shopping centers, catering to the daily needs and leisure preferences of its residents.

    1. West Mall: Located in Bukit Batok, West Mall is a short drive from Tengah Garden Avenue Condo. It’s a popular shopping destination, offering a range of retail stores, a cinema, and various dining options.
    2. JEM: One of the largest suburban malls in the West of Singapore, JEM is a comprehensive lifestyle, shopping, and dining destination. With its extensive range of retail outlets, entertainment options, and eateries, it’s a favored spot for residents.
    3. Jurong Point: This is one of the largest suburban malls and is easily accessible from the condo. Jurong Point offers a myriad of shopping, dining, and entertainment options, including department stores, boutiques, and a cinema.
    4. IMM: Known for its extensive range of outlet stores, IMM in Jurong East provides a unique shopping experience with its blend of retail, warehouse, and outlet stores.

    Food Options Galore

    Residents of Tengah Garden Avenue Condo enjoy a plethora of food options, ranging from local delicacies to international cuisines.

    1. Bukit Batok Street Hawker Centre: A short distance from the condo, this hawker centre is known for its variety of affordable and delicious local food.
    2. Tengah Plantation Hawker Centre: This nearby hawker centre offers a mix of traditional Singaporean dishes and modern fusion food, catering to all palates.
    3. Restaurants at JEM: Offering a range of international and local cuisines, the restaurants at JEM cater to those looking for a more upscale dining experience.
    4. Food Courts in Jurong Point: With multiple food courts, Jurong Point is a haven for food lovers, featuring a vast array of food choices from different cultures.

    Tengah Garden Avenue Residences convenience of having these shopping and dining options within easy reach is a major plus for residents of Tengah Garden Avenue Condo. The development’s central location in Tengah Estate means that these amenities are just a short drive or bus ride away, adding to the quality of life and convenience for its inhabitants. In addition to shopping malls, there are specialty stores and supermarkets nearby that cater to the daily needs of residents. These include grocery stores, bakeries, and lifestyle shops, ensuring that all essentials are readily accessible.

    Tengah Garden Avenue Condo Cafe and Eateries

    For those who enjoy café culture, the area around Tengah Garden Avenue Condo does not disappoint. There are several quaint coffee shops and cafes where residents can enjoy a leisurely brunch or a casual coffee meet-up with friends. Residents who prefer cooking at home will appreciate the proximity to local food markets offering fresh produce. These markets are a staple in Singaporean neighborhoods, providing fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, and seafood.

    The array of shopping and dining options near Tengah Garden Avenue Condo contributes significantly to the lifestyle and sense of community in the area. These social and retail hubs are not just places for shopping and eating; they are spaces where residents can socialize, relax, and engage with their community. As Tengah Estate continues to develop, more shopping and dining facilities are expected to emerge, further enhancing the appeal of Tengah Garden Avenue Condo. These future developments promise to bring even more variety and convenience to the residents.

    The proximity of Tengah Garden Avenue Condo to a multitude of shopping centers and diverse food options is a significant attribute, contributing to the appeal and convenience of living in this modern development. Tengah Garden Residences blend of nearby retail hubs, eateries, specialty stores, and markets ensures that residents enjoy a vibrant and convenient lifestyle. As Tengah Estate evolves, this connectivity to shopping and dining amenities is set to become even more advantageous, making Tengah Garden Avenue Condo an ideal choice for those seeking a balanced, convenient, and enjoyable living environment.

    In summary, Tengah Garden Avenue Condo’s location offers an unparalleled advantage in terms of access to shopping and dining, enhancing Tengah Garden Residences living experience and providing residents with a plethora of options right at their doorstep.

    Tengah Garden Avenue Condo Function Room

    Tengah Garden Avenue Condo Near to Good Schools and Educational Institutions

    Tengah Garden Avenue Condo, a modern residential development in Singapore’s Tengah Estate, is not only known for its sustainable and contemporary living but also for its close proximity to a range of educational institutions. This proximity is a key factor for families considering the quality of education available in the vicinity.

    Array of Nearby Schools

    Tengah Garden Avenue Condo is strategically located near several reputable schools, catering to different educational levels from primary to tertiary.

    1. Primary Schools: The area around Tengah Garden Avenue Condo is home to several primary schools known for their academic excellence and holistic education approach. Notable schools include:
      • Princess Elizabeth Primary School: Renowned for its robust curriculum and focus on character development.
      • Dazhong Primary School: Offers a well-rounded education with a focus on both academic and co-curricular excellence.
      • Jurong Primary School: Known for its innovative teaching methods and a strong emphasis on nurturing well-rounded individuals.
    2. Secondary Schools: There are also a number of secondary schools in the vicinity, providing quality secondary education and various enrichment programs. These include:
      • Bukit Batok Secondary School: Offers a diverse range of academic and co-curricular programs.
      • Dunearn Secondary School: Known for its focus on academic excellence and character development.
      • Fuhua Secondary School: A school with a strong reputation for both its academic and sports programs.
    3. Tertiary Institutions: For post-secondary education, Tengah Garden Avenue Condo is within reach of several prestigious tertiary institutions:
      • Nanyang Technological University (NTU): One of Singapore’s leading universities, offering a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs.
      • Singapore Polytechnic: Known for its comprehensive range of diploma courses and close industry ties.
      • Millennia Institute: Offers a unique 3-year pre-university education.

    Tengah Garden Residences proximity of these educational institutions is a major benefit for families residing in Tengah Garden Avenue Condo. It provides children with the convenience of shorter travel times to and from school, allowing more time for rest, study, and leisure activities. Living near such a diverse range of schools offers residents the opportunity to choose an educational path that best suits their children’s needs and aspirations. From primary education to tertiary levels, the area caters to all stages of a child’s educational journey.

    Schools Near to Tengah Garden Avenue Residences

    The vicinity of Tengah Garden Avenue Condo to these schools also means that children can travel to and from school in a safe and secure environment. This is particularly reassuring for parents, who can be confident in their children’s safety during their daily commute. Being part of a community that is close to several schools fosters a sense of belonging and provides opportunities for community engagement and networking. Parents can connect with other families, contributing to a supportive and vibrant community atmosphere.

    The schools near Tengah Garden Avenue Condo offer a range of extracurricular activities, which are essential for the holistic development of children. These activities, ranging from sports to arts and clubs, provide students with opportunities to explore their interests and talents outside the classroom. As Tengah Estate continues to develop, it is anticipated that more educational institutions will emerge in the area, further enhancing the educational landscape around Tengah Garden Avenue Condo. This ongoing development is poised to bring even greater diversity and options in education for residents.

    The proximity to tertiary institutions like NTU and Singapore Polytechnic also opens up opportunities for lifelong learning and professional development for adult residents. This accessibility to higher education enriches the community’s intellectual environment and encourages continuous personal and professional growth. Tengah Garden Avenue Condo’s location near a variety of educational institutions is a significant advantage for families. It offers children the opportunity to receive a quality education within a close-knit community. The diverse range of schools in the vicinity caters to different educational needs and preferences, ensuring that families have access to the best possible educational options.

    Tengah Garden Avenue Condo Interior

    URA Master Plan Tengah Benefits Tengah Garden Avenue Condo

    The URA Master Plan for Tengah, an ambitious and forward-thinking project, is set to transform Tengah Estate into Singapore’s first-ever “Forest Town.” This plan is significant for residents of Tengah Garden Avenue Condo as it will directly influence their living environment, community amenities, and overall quality of life.

    Vision of the URA Master Plan

    The URA Master Plan envisions Tengah as a fully sustainable and green town, focusing on eco-friendly living, community interaction, and connectivity. This vision includes the creation of green spaces, smart and sustainable housing, and efficient transportation networks, all of which will greatly benefit Tengah Garden Avenue Condo.

    Green Living and Sustainability

    A key aspect of the Master Plan is the emphasis on green living. This involves:

    • Expansive Green Spaces: The development of parks, green corridors, and communal gardens that will surround Tengah Garden Avenue Condo, enhancing the natural environment and biodiversity.
    • Eco-Friendly Features: The integration of eco-friendly features in residential developments, aligning with the sustainability ethos of Tengah Garden Avenue Condo.

    Enhanced Connectivity

    The Master Plan focuses on enhancing connectivity within Tengah and to other parts of Singapore:

    • Expansion of the Road Network: Improvements to the existing road network and the construction of new roads will make travel more efficient for residents.
    • Development of Cycling and Walking Paths: The emphasis on a car-lite town with extensive cycling and pedestrian networks will provide residents with healthier and more sustainable travel options.

    Smart and Sustainable Housing

    As part of the Master Plan, housing in Tengah, including Tengah Garden Avenue Condo, will incorporate smart and sustainable features:

    • Smart Home Technology: Incorporation of smart home technologies for better energy management and convenience.
    • Sustainable Building Materials: Use of eco-friendly materials in construction, contributing to the overall sustainability of the town.

    Community Facilities and Amenities

    The Master Plan aims to enhance community living with the development of various facilities:

    • Community Hubs: Establishment of community centers and hubs within walking distance, offering social, recreational, and educational facilities.
    • Healthcare and Educational Institutions: Development of new schools and healthcare facilities to cater to the growing community.

    Economic Development

    The plan also includes provisions for economic development in the area:

    • Business Hubs: Development of business parks and industrial complexes, potentially increasing job opportunities for residents.
    • Retail and Commercial Spaces: Increase in retail and commercial spaces providing residents with more shopping and dining options.

    Environmental Conservation

    A significant part of the Master Plan is dedicated to environmental conservation:

    • Preservation of Natural Habitats: Efforts to preserve and enhance existing natural habitats within Tengah.
    • Eco-Friendly Practices: Encouraging eco-friendly practices among residents and businesses to maintain the ecological balance.

    Impact on Property Value

    The comprehensive development under the URA Master Plan is likely to positively affect property values in Tengah, including Tengah Garden Avenue Condo:

    • Increased Attractiveness: The transformation of Tengah into a sustainable and modern town is expected to make it a more attractive place to live, potentially driving up property values.
    • Long-Term Investment Potential: The continuous development and enhancement of Tengah could lead to long-term investment potential for property owners.

    Quality of Life

    The implementation of the URA Master Plan will significantly improve the quality of life for residents:

    • Enhanced Living Environment: The focus on green living and community amenities will create a more pleasant and healthier living environment.
    • Community Engagement: The development of community hubs and facilities will foster a strong sense of community and belonging.

    Challenges and Considerations

    While the Master Plan promises numerous benefits, there are challenges and considerations:

    • Construction and Development Phases: Residents may experience inconveniences during the construction phases of the Master Plan.
    • Balancing Development and Sustainability: Ensuring that the rapid development does not compromise the sustainability and eco-friendliness of the town.

    The URA Master Plan for Tengah is set to bring about transformative changes to Tengah Estate, directly impacting Tengah Garden Avenue Condo. These changes, encompassing green living, enhanced connectivity, smart housing, and community development, promise to significantly improve the living standards and environment for residents. The plan not only focuses on physical development but also aims to foster a strong community spirit and sustainable living practices.

    In summary, the URA Master Plan for Tengah represents a future-oriented approach to urban development, with Tengah Garden Avenue Condo at the heart of this evolution. The plan’s focus on sustainability, community, and connectivity aligns perfectly with the modern lifestyle aspirations of its residents.

    Tengah Garden Residences Master Plan

    The Master Plan is not just about infrastructure; it’s also about building a community for the future. The development of community hubs and the emphasis on social interaction spaces within Tengah will create a cohesive and inclusive community. This aspect of the plan will particularly benefit families and young professionals residing in Tengah Garden Avenue Condo, fostering a sense of belonging and community engagement.

    Another aspect of the Master Plan is the integration of technology in everyday life. Smart city solutions, ranging from intelligent transport systems to energy-efficient buildings, will make living in Tengah Garden Avenue Condo more convenient and sustainable. This integration of technology will also prepare residents for a future where digital and physical environments are seamlessly integrated.

    The plan’s focus on green spaces and recreational facilities will greatly enhance the wellness and leisure options for residents. Parks, sports facilities, and wellness centers will be easily accessible, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. This will be particularly advantageous for young families and the elderly, providing ample opportunities for outdoor activities and social interaction.

    The emphasis on environmental sustainability in the URA Master Plan is a game-changer. The development of Tengah as a “Forest Town” with green cover, biodiversity corridors, and eco-friendly practices will ensure a healthier living environment. This focus on sustainability will also instill a sense of responsibility and awareness among residents, particularly the younger generation, about the importance of environmental conservation.

    The development of educational institutions as part of the Master Plan will ensure that residents have access to quality education close to home. This proximity to educational facilities will not only provide convenience but also encourage a culture of lifelong learning and intellectual growth within the community.

    Tengah Garden Residences URA Master Plan

    The creation of business parks and commercial centers will bring economic opportunities to the doorstep of Tengah Garden Avenue Condo residents. This development could lead to an increase in local employment opportunities, reducing commute times and enhancing the work-life balance for residents.

    With the implementation of the Master Plan, Tengah Garden Avenue Condo is likely to become an even more desirable residential choice, attracting a diverse group of residents. This could lead to a dynamic and vibrant community, enriching the cultural fabric of Tengah.

    However, with growth and development come challenges. Managing the pace of development, ensuring the preservation of green spaces, and maintaining the quality of life during the transformation are essential considerations. The authorities and the community will need to work together to address these challenges and ensure that the vision of the URA Master Plan is realized in its true spirit.

    As the URA Master Plan unfolds, Tengah Garden Avenue Condo will find itself at the forefront of a new era of urban living. The residents will not only witness but also participate in the evolution of a modern, sustainable, and vibrant community. This development represents a significant leap forward in redefining urban living in Singapore, making Tengah Garden Avenue Condo an exemplary model of future townships.

    In conclusion, the URA Master Plan for Tengah will have a profound impact on Tengah Garden Avenue Condo, enhancing its appeal and value. The plan promises to create a sustainable, well-connected, and vibrant community, offering a high quality of life for its residents. As Tengah evolves into a “Forest Town,” residents of Tengah Garden Avenue Condo will enjoy the benefits of living in a town that is not only at the forefront of urban design and sustainability but also a community that values connectivity, inclusivity, and quality of life.